Exterra in-ground & in-concrete bait stations

Exterra Station 1This in-ground station has been eaten out by termites

Exterra Station 2Bait is added to active station which the termites will take back to their nest.  There is enough bait in this station to eliminate a very large colony.


Baited Exterra StationTermites consuming bait three weeks after above photo.

Exterra Station 3

Active in-ground station is now locked.  It will be reinspected 2-3 weeks and replenished if necessary.

Active in concrete station bait consumed4Above is an in-concrete monitoring station showing signs of termite activity.

Baited Concrete StationBait added to in-concrete station.

Active in concrete station bait consumed3Baited in-concrete station is now locked – to be re-inspected in 3 weeks.

Active in concrete station bait consumed1Bait is 80% consumed by termites.  This station will be replenished & locked and re-inspected in another 3 weeks.