Small acreage boom spraying

Mobile weed service for small acreageMobile 4WD ATV used for boom spraying and spot spraying paddocks, small blocks, fence lines & general weed control.



Below are some before and after photos of local weed spraying in creek line.












Termite nest concealed within a wall cavity

Termite workings within wall cavityMarch2016

Termite nest concealed within a wall cavity behind a fridge


On completing a visual termite inspection, the above picture shows a termite nest which was concealed behind a gyprock wall.  We removed 3 buckets of termite workings.  Thankfully for our client, we were able to bait out the termites before they caused further damage to other areas of the house.

Pre-treatment to new building

Pre-treatment to new building construction

Pre-treatment to new building construction

We install chemical pre-treatments to new building constructions, and also to all post constructions, if you are renovating.

Whether you have a concrete slab base or a sub-floor area, we can update your termite management system in place to protect your home.

It is strongly recommended that you have an annual visual termite inspection completed to your property so any past installed termite treatment zones can be inspected to ensure the barrier has not been breached or bridged in any way.

Exterra in-ground & in-concrete bait stations

Exterra Station 1This in-ground station has been eaten out by termites

Exterra Station 2Bait is added to active station which the termites will take back to their nest.  There is enough bait in this station to eliminate a very large colony.


Baited Exterra StationTermites consuming bait three weeks after above photo.

Exterra Station 3

Active in-ground station is now locked.  It will be reinspected 2-3 weeks and replenished if necessary.

Active in concrete station bait consumed4Above is an in-concrete monitoring station showing signs of termite activity.

Baited Concrete StationBait added to in-concrete station.

Active in concrete station bait consumed3Baited in-concrete station is now locked – to be re-inspected in 3 weeks.

Active in concrete station bait consumed1Bait is 80% consumed by termites.  This station will be replenished & locked and re-inspected in another 3 weeks.


Visible termite mound & damage

Large termite mound

This photo shows a large termite mound.  These mounds can easily be treated.  With termite mounds, what is seen above the ground, there can be a much larger colony below the ground.


Damaged timbers

Damaged timbers in a shed near above termite mound


Termites are clever!!

Concealed termite entry

Concealed termite entry

A power shortage to this property led to the discovery of a termite mound behind the switchboard.  As you can see, termites are very tricky and used the orange conduit to gain entry undetected.  The only way to treat this problem was to bait the termites out using an above ground bait station.  Please see picture below of the termites eating the bait.

Above ground bait station

Above ground bait station

Termites are clever, but not as clever as our termite baiting system!!

Termites gaining access behind woodpile


Termite prevention starts at home.  We see lots of situations of wood piled against the home, close & handy for the wood fire inside, but it is also very handy for termites too!!  They have undetected entry to your main investment…..your home.

Wood should not be stored against your house

Wood should not be stored against your house

Keep stored products away from your house.  Note below, the termite tunnels running up the slab edge, hidden behind the wood heap.   Thankfully the owner of this home had a termite inspection completed to the house and yard and now has a termite baiting system in place.

Termite tunnels gaining access to house behind wood heap

Termite tunnels gaining access to house behind wood heap

It is recommended that you have regular termite inspections completed to your property every 12 months for peace of mind.